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    Admission Process

    Precious Pearls Child Care Centre is committed to being a Centre where children of differing race, sex, culture, language, religion, and abilities are welcomed. To the children who attend our programs, we teach tolerance and understanding of these differences. We are an inclusive Centre.

    • Acceptance into our programs is based on many factors such as: age, developmental readiness, availability, etc. Children may be admitted at any time during the year, depending on availability of space in their respective program. Priority is always given to the siblings of already enrolled children and to children registering for the full-time program.
    • Precious Pearls maintains a waiting list, which is used for enrollment purposes. There is no charge to families to be put on this waitlist and a call to the Supervisor is all that is needed (see Contact Us section). We will be more than happy to give a tour of our Centre to interested parents and their children. Tours are available any time preferably with an appointment.
    • We invite parents and their children to come in to observe the classroom activities, where children and teachers are in action. This gives parents a better idea of how our days look like and an idea of the overall setup and atmosphere of the Centre.
    • Enrolment application can be picked up from the Supervisor’s office.
    • Parents handbook is available online to download.

    Incoming toddlers (aged 18 to 30 months): Depending on certain circumstances, we will allow toddlers into our program that are 1-6 months younger than the specified starting age. We contact families on the waiting list as soon as a spot becomes available.

    Incoming preschoolers (aged 2.5 years to 6 years): Enrolled outreach is based on the number of spaces that become available after our current students have completed their re-enrollment process for the upcoming year. We contact families on the waiting list as soon as a spot becomes available.