Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for registration?

Parents/guardians who are interested in registering their child in Precious Pearls Child Care Centre will be invited to tour our program with the Supervisor. If parents are then interested in the program, a full enrollment package will be given and a date will be set up for play visit.
When a space is available, parents who register for programs are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable administrative fee, of $100 per child. This will be payable with the first two weeks’ fees.
In the case that spaces are full; Precious Pearls is committed to maintaining a wait list that ensures respect for each family and maintains their confidentiality. Each family will be given a number that represents their child’s first and last name. The list will be posted on our website and families can keep track of their child’s position through the number provided.

What ages do you accept?

Precious Pearls accepts children 18 months to 6 years of age. Children who are up to 5 months younger than 18 months can register if the child is walking and we have a spot available according to ratio.

How much will it cost to send my child to your Centre?

Our fees are all posted on the website under programs and prices.

Do I have to pay for vacation, statutory holidays, and sickness?

Yes, if your child is enrolled full time. If the child is part time and is scheduled to show up on a day where a holiday falls through then yes. Any vacations taken during the year, will have to be paid in full as well. Any time a child is absent due to illness a payment is also required.

Do you provide Meals?

Our Centre provides 3 meals everyday plus 2 optional snacks if required. We serve a morning snack, offer a mid-morning snack, serve a hot lunch prepared on premises fresh daily, serve an afternoon snack and offer late afternoon snack. All meals are homemade and follow the Canada Food Guide. We work on a 4-week menu that changes seasonally.

Can the staff help with potty training?

Yes, our staff will work with each child and his/her family based on their needs.

Do I get a tax receipt and when it is issued?

Yes. Tax receipts are issued yearly by February 28th and will be mailed to your home address.

How can I participate in my child’s child care Centre?

You can attend special events at our Centre. Join us on excursion and field trips. Donate gently used items that can be used by our children.