Junior Pearls (Toddlers)
Toddlers’ utmost need is autonomy- they learn how to explore, they discover their will, make their first decisions and start to build up the image of self-identity. Children in the Centre have many opportunities to browse through different corners - feel the nature of different activities and choose their favourite. This way, children have a chance to create a positive image of a person who is confident and is appreciated by others.
Senior Pearls (Preschoolers)
Children start to develop initiative and sense of accomplishment during the preschool years. They need to do things on their own and plan. Through repeated actions of play, with variations, in different contexts or on different kinds of objects, children learn to differentiate, compare and integrate elements, think in cause-and-effect terms as well as plan their play/actions. Preschoolers can make not only simple verbal categorizations but also, while manipulating concrete materials, they can indicate two or three common features at the same time.